Responsible development and uptake of XR technologies

We shall provide guidance and tools in order to ensure Equitable, Inclusive, and Human-Centered development of XR Technologies

About the Project

XR4Human is a three-year EU-funded project and its mission is to co-create living guidance documents on ethical and related policy, regulatory, governance, and interoperability issues of XR technologies whilst building public trust and acceptance and a strong and competitive European XR ecosystem.

Our Contribution

Through an online repository of test cases we will support developers to demonstrate evidence of adherence to best practices and through an XR rating system and a supportive toolbox of informational and educational materials we will contribute to the informed decision making of the end user XR community for the acquisition and use of XR technology.


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Main Output

European Code of Conduct for responsible XR Technologies

Test Cases for demonstration and validation

Interoperability Guidance Document

Rating system and Educational Toolbox

Basic Objectives

  • ethical issues and related regulatory and governance issues

    • companies and regulators through Interoperability Guidance Document, a European Code of Conduct for Equitable, Inclusive, and Human-Centered XR Technologies, recording and demonstrating the practical application of the XR Code of Conduct
    • users through a rating system and educational materials
    • companies and regulators with an online repository of test cases
    • users through a rating system and educational materials
  • companies and other stakeholders to enhance the uptake of the XR Code of Conduct, the Guidance for Interoperability, and the empowerment of end-users

Target Groups

  • - Formation of a competitive and sustainable ecosystem for the European XR technologies industry by strengthening the links and promoting collaboration among the constituency, including EU- funded projects.
  • - More informed policies on the adoption of market standards on the security, safety and privacy of XR technologies
  • - Production of XR technologies that abide by the highest standards of safety, security and privacy
    - Wider adoption of human-centered design for XR technologies
  • - Raise awareness on the need to adopt existing research ethics procedures for XR-related research projects
    - More informed decisions relevant to ethics appraisal of XR-related research projects
  • - Ability to select the most appropriate XR technology for their needs that also takes into account the ethics-related issues of safety, security and privacy

  • - Increased knowledge on the beneficial and adverse effects of XR technologies

Key Concepts

  • XR technologies, also termed immersive technologies, are emerging technologies characterized by “immersive video content, enhanced media experiences, and interactive and multi-dimensional human experiences’’.


  • Human-centered design is based upon an explicit understanding of users, tasks, and environments; users are involved throughout design and development; the design is driven and refined by user- centered evaluation; the process is iterative;

  • The ability to share a common language across XR Technologies, to readily connect and exchange information with one another, in either implementation or access, without restriction.

  • Responsible technology incorporates the principles of ethics and integrity during the design stage, promotes beneficial outcomes for users and is governed by ethos, intention, values ​​, and norms.


  • Health: Physical and mental
  • Social: Diversity, inclusivity, abuse of power, accessibility
  • Legal: Privacy, ownership, access, data
  • Technical: Interoperability & accessibility


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