The XR4Human public event is coming…

🗓 Date: Tuesday, October 31, 2023

🕒 Time: 14:00 – 21:00 CET

📍 Venue: Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications/Showroom Science Tech Space @ HHI, Salzufer 15-16 10587 Berlin, 10587 Berlin, Germany

XR4Human invites you to a transformative event that delves into the profound impacts of Extended Reality (XR) technology while emphasizing ethics, legality, and inclusivity. We believe in XR’s potential to revolutionize industries and lives, but we also recognize the responsibility it carries.

Join us as we explore three critical dimensions:

1️⃣ Ethical Considerations: Discover how XR technology shapes our society and individual rights.

2️⃣ Legal Frameworks: Navigate the intricate legal landscape surrounding XR, ensuring compliance and ethical practice.

3️⃣ Inclusivity in XR: Learn about initiatives to ensure XR benefits all communities, fostering diversity and accessibility.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be part of the XR4Human Project Public Event!

🎟 Register for On-Site Participation by October 25, 2023:

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Join us in shaping the future of XR technology, where innovation meets responsibility!

The XR4Human project at Stereopsia Europe event!

Stereopsia is an international forum dedicated to immersive technologies and content. It is the ultimate gathering of entrepreneurs, investors, content creators, academics, and audiences seeking new voices and fresh perspectives since 2009

XR4Human project will participate at the 15th Edition of Stereopsia Europe event which will take place on 18-19-10 October 2023.
The XR4Human project mission is to shape the future of XR technologies in Europe by co-creating living guidance documents on ethical and related policy, regulatory, governance, and interoperability issues of XR technologies.Our project is all about building public trust, fostering acceptance, a strong and competitive European XR ecosystem. By collaborating with experts and stakeholders, we’re shaping the ethical framework for XR.

In addition, an online repository of test cases and an XR rating system will also empower the XR community to make informed decisions about XR technology.
Join us at Stereopsia Europe event, meet our coordinators, prof. Rigmor Baraas and Prof. Rosemarie de la Cruz Bernabe and discover how we’re paving the way for a responsible, innovative, and trusted XR future.
Save the date, and stay tuned for more updates!

Together, let’s shape the future of XR.
Learn more about the Stereopsia EUROPE event which will take place on 18-19-20 October 2023 by clicking here:

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