End-to-end open-source location-based augmented reality in 5G


  • Name: Open AR Cloud Europe gUG
  • Role: Project Coordinator, Researcher
  • Institution/company:Open AR Cloud Europe gUG


Domain or subject area: Cinema/Cultural heritage/Documentary/Education/Gaming/Healthcare/Industry/Medical/Social/Social impact

The vision of an augmented reality (AR) cloud is about an enhanced version of the real world extended by persistent, location-anchored digital objects. We present a fully open source, end-to-end solution for placing, storing, and re-discovering geo-anchored AR contents in the real world. We advanced various components of the Open Spatial Computing Platform (OSCP) and deployed it in a 5G testbed. We created a new OSCP reference client in Unity and built representative demo applications that allow virtual objects to persist throughout space and time. We created a data collector application for spatial mapping, and we connected the OSCP with an open-source visual positioning system. Furthermore, we created tutorials on the setup to foster its adoption in the scientific community as a platform for location-based AR experiments.

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  • Creators of this project:Consortium Project (i.e. EU-funded project)
  • Contact details:Alina Kadlubsky
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Technical Description

  • Technologies utilized in the experience: AR, Open Source XR Spatial Computing Web and Unity Client
  • Hardware required to experience the project: Mobile device
  • Operating system: Android, iOS
  • Language(s) used or supported in your experience: English
  • Is your experience a single-user or multi-user:Multi-user, Single-user

Project Details

  • Creators of this project: Consortium Project (i.e. EU-funded project)
  • Date of completion: 20/10/2022
  • Acceptable conditions: We produced and open source solution that was demoed at IEEE ISMAR 2022
  • Licence Model:

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