XR4Human Forum: The perfect online place to create a bridge among people of different sectors

XR4Human's online forum, is provided by XR4Europe - the pan-European organization of XR professionals. The members of the forum are of different sectors: business, civil society and research. This allows the forum to be variegated in terms of inputs.

The forum is the key element for the growth of the community online and its involvement in addressing the risks related to XR technology, starting by understanding them.

Such risks are of different nature and were found to be: physical and mental health risks, social risks, abuse of power, and legal risks. Plus, the risks related to diversity and inclusivity and accessibility and interoperability. Indeed, gender, age, and social inequality could deepen the digital divide in Europe – posing a threat to European values such as equality and solidarity.

The forum is accessible to everyone who wishes to join in a fairly easy way. Click here https://community.xr4europe.eu/ or scan the following QR code and follow the instructions.

If someone is already a member, their access will happen directly via the XR4Europe login. If someone wishes to join, they simply need to use their ARMember credentials.

Stay tuned!

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